Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions, the symposium will be carried out as a virtual conference with organizer at Universitas Pelita Harapan. We will use zoom as our platform. Meeting room link and connection steps will be available through personal e-mail.

For convenience during the symposium, please put your presentation ID (or university/institution for non-presenters) before your name with XX denoting numbering with the following format:

  • TLX Name, for Tutorial Lecture number X
  • IPXX Name, for Invited Paper number XX
  • CPXX Name, for Contributed Paper number XX
  • PPXX Name, for Poster Presentation number XX
  • Univ (abbreviated) Name, e.g. UPH Name or ITS Name for students or other participants

Poster Presentation will be happening in the breakout rooms according to the PPXX number:

  • Day1, breakout rooms are available for all poster presentations
  • Day2, breakout rooms for posters with odd numbers + 2 rooms for meeting with sponsors
  • Day3, breakout rooms for posters with even numbers + 2 rooms for meeting with sponsors

With the odd/even alternating presentation schedule, poster presenters can also discuss and enjoy other poster presentations

For the zoom virtual background, please use this picture.