About Bandung

Bandung is the capital city of West Java Province and is located approximately 150 km from Jakarta, the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. It lies at an altitude of 725 m above sea level, and this geographical location makes Bandung much cooler, with a daily average temperature of 20-28ºC. This agreeable climate and scenery have made Bandung a popular holiday resort

In addition, Bandung is a pleasant city, full of historical and modern architecture, culinary and fashion shops, and cultural and natural recreation spots. Bandung is often referred to as the Parijs van Java. Some remnants of the golden era of Bandung are the Gedung Sate, Villa Isola, and the ITB campus. Today, Bandung is also described as a city of education with a number of national and private universities, where students come from all around the country and neighboring countries every year. This large number of students adds to the diversity of the Bandung people, leading to a multicultural city and one of the safest cities in Indonesia.

Symposium place

Symposium place is at the Multipurpose Purpose Hall, 3rd floor CRCS Buliding, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), which is located at Jalan G, ITB Ganesha Campus, Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung, West Java.

How to search for and reserve a hotel room

ITB is located at Jl. Djuanda (Djuanda Street), also informally named Jalan Dago. You can search online the hotel near ITB using the keywords ITB, Jalan Djuanda, and Jalan Dago. During the weekend, many visitors from Jakarta and other cities come to Bandung, and there are many hotels in Bandung with two-to five-star ranks and even cheap hotels for backpacker travelers. Therefore, it is not difficult to find a hotel in Bandung.

Many hotels nearby ITB can be reserved by online through

  1. https://www.booking.com/ (example: https://www.booking.com/landmark/id/bandung-institute-of-technology.id.html )
  2. https://www.traveloka.com/en-id/hotel (example: https://www.traveloka.com/id-id/hotel/indonesia/landmark/bandung-institute-of-technology-6106061 )
  3. https://en.tiket.com/hotel (example: https://en.tiket.com/hotel/search?adult=1&id=bandung-108001534490276290&q=Bandung&room=1&type=CITY )

However, the following hotels is our recommendation, because we shall prepare a shuttle minibus from the hotel to ITB every morning and from ITB to the hotel in the afternoon:

Sensa Hotel Bandung (https://goo.gl/maps/rDb7yLb2evVm2z9g8)

Patra Hotel Bandung (https://goo.gl/maps/gTrnvZ8M9CgTTaH89)

The Luxton Hotel, Bandung (https://goo.gl/maps/PDsjxofK43YTSF9f9)

How to get Bandung and your booked hotel (for international participants)

Bandung is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Indonesia and there are therefore many ways to reach Bandung. If the following descriptions are not enough and you still feel need a guidance at the Cengkareng airport or Bandung airport to take a shuttle bus or local transportation mode, please fill in the following Google Form ().

  1. There are several connecting flights to Bandung (Husein Sastranegara international airport) airport from Bali (I Gusti Ngurah Rai international airport). After arriving at Bandung airport, you may get a Taxi or Grab Car by your own to get your booked hotel. Bandung Airport is located in Bandung city and is not far from the ITB and city center (around 20-30 minutes by car). However, if you feel unsure, the organizing committee may also arrange to pick you from the airport and deliver you to your booked hotel. For this purpose, please inform us of your arrival schedule on the Google Form link. If you want to make a transit in Bali for one or several days, please find the information by yourself (this information link might be useful).
  1. For arrival at Jakarta or Cengkareng (also named the Soekarno Hatta airport), which is the largest international airport in Indonesia, served by major airlines from all around the world, you may consider some options below to reach your hotel at Bandung.
    • By an airport shuttle minibus, there is some (pool to pool) shuttle minibus operating from Cengkareng Airport to Bandung City. From the pool at Bandung, you may reach your booked hotel with a taxi or a grab car. By train: there is an airport train from Cengkareng Airport to Jakarta City (Manggarai Station). From Manggarai Station, you should take a taxi to get to Gambir Station, where you can take a train (Parahyangan line) to Bandung Station.
    • By a high-speed rapid train: it is still not operating now, but it is planned to begin operating in July 2023, where from Jakarta to Bandung only takes 45 minutes.
    • The organizing committee will assign a guide person that can help you at Cengkareng airport to get a shuttle bus or airport train station. Please fill in the following Google Form link when you feel that you need a guide person on your arrival time. We recommend using a shuttle minibus for convenience reason.
    • Click here to see the route from Cengkareng airport to Luxton Hotel or Marriott Hotel, Bandung